Today's Tip: Get your current campers to bring in new ones.

Your current campers and families are your best salespeople, and word of mouth will always be your best form of advertising. With the popularity of Twitter and Facebook, the concept of word of mouth has changed over the past few years. Clearly, the way that today's youth communicates with one another has been transformed for good (and bad).

This poses both challenges and great opportunities. Getting your campers to help promote you via facebook and twitter will prove to be difficult, unless you answer the question of "What's In It For Me?"

Offering prizes and incentives to the people who post pictures, leave comments, and spread a positive vibe about your camp via Social Media will definitely help your cause. Once one camper finds out that another camper received a free tee shirt (because they just posted about it on facebook), then you are much more likely to have others follow suit.

We'll make sure that your camp can get a piece of that action! How? Through our Social Media Consultation, you will learn the best practices for offering incentives and promotions. We also have an excellent design team to make the marketing materials to help you promote your prize give-a-ways.
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