The Hot New Trend in Mobile Marketing for Camps - Instagram

Keeping up with the way that your campers and families are interacting online has been a consistent challenge since the rise of social media. Figuring out what is effective, and what is a waste of time requires trial and error, as well as practice. One of the newest ways to market your Camp using pictures is Instagram, a very popular medium that is both a photo-sharing and a social media app.

With 100 million users on Instagram, it can be a very powerful way to reach potential campers and to connect with your current families. How Instagram works, is that a user takes a picture with a smart phone, applies various filters to give the desired look to the photo, and then posts the photo onto Instagram. These pictures can then be posted on other social media sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. As with Facebook and Twitter, users can follow and “like” your photos.

How is Instagram different than Pinterest, you may ask? Pinterest is a place to post pictures and images that you find really interesting and inspiring. Instagram is a place to post photos that are not quite glossy and pretty, but tell a story. Pinterest is similar to the way that you display pictures on your wall at home, while Instagram is the photo album.

Instagram allows you to target mobile users with a social media marketing campaign based on photo sharing. This can be done through a photo contest, telling a story about your Camp through photos, or marketing an upcoming event through photos. Instagram allows you not only to talk about your Camp, but also allows you to humanize your Camp by showcasing pictures of your facilities, campers, events, employees, etc. To be successful on Instagram as a business, you can’t just sell your product – you must find a way to relate with people. For the potential camper, Instagram can be used to show that family why they should take a closer look at your facility. Find something about your Camp that will connect with your customers and use photos to solidify that connection. That way, your families will have a true interest in what you are all about.

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