How to deal with Facebook's Pay to Promote Your Post Policy

The chances are, you have probably read in the past week about how many small to mid-sized businesses are outraged with Facebook’s new revenue producing scheme called Pay to Promote. Since going public, Facebook has faced a lot of scrutiny over how effective it is as a marketing tool, as well as how financially viable it is as a business. Most, if not all camps would fall under the small to mid-size business category, which is hit hardest by the new pay to promote your post policy.

According to Facebook, about 15% of your followers will have your posts added to their newsfeed. These are primarily the followers that frequently visit your page, make comments, and add posts of their own. If you wish to reach your less active followers, it is now time to start digging through the piggy bank.

For larger businesses, setting aside a budget of $10-20,000/year to ensure that a majority of their followers are receiving their posts in the news feeds is a mere drop in the well. However, if you are a smaller business that has built your social media marketing plan primarily around Facebook because it was free, then you are in a bind.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around this problem:

  1. Facebook is not the only game in town. It may be time to start putting more energy towards Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. For now, promoting through these sites is still FREE.
  2. Develop your own Social Media Platform that you have control of. This can be done in the form of a blog, or through your own APP.

If you are not quite ready to give up on the time and energy that you have already invested into Facebook, then it will be very important that you increase your fan interaction. The key is to inform your followers of how to deal with the ever-changing policies at Facebook. Here are some simple steps to provide your fans with:

1. Go to any page you've 'liked' in the past
2. Hover the mouse over the "Liked" button.
3. When a drop down menu appears, confirm "Show in News Feed" is selected.
4. Share this post with your friends! Help spread the word!

If you are finding all of this to be too overwhelming, or too much of an investment of time, then it is time to speak with a consultant that knows social media and mobile marketing for summer camps. Choosing wisely on how you spend your marketing and advertising dollars can be the difference between filling your camp next summer, or falling short of your goals.